Special Training Seminar for Counselors and Therapists

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"Methods in Online Counseling"

This is a 4 hour intensive course aimed at professional counselors and therapists regardless of their experience in this field.

The course introduces you to online therapy and provides you with essential tools needed for real counseling work over the Internet.

We take a look at the rich history of online therapy, and learn what is going on today in this exciting field.

You'll learn how to succesfully conduct therapy sessions through e-mail, chat, and video conferencing.

We'll discuss ethics and best practices. In addition, we'll take a look at international laws and regulations applied to online counseling.

This is an intensive training course that is provided completely online. We'll use Skype (or Zoom) group meetings to work together.

There'll be a maximum of 6 participants in each course. The course is an interactive seminar for professional counselors and therapists.


During the course we'll work on these topics:

1. Intro: Meeting the participants. Definition of online therapy.

2. Counseling through e-mail

3. Counseling through chat

4. Using video conferencing or phone

5. Ethics and security

6. Laws and regulations

7. Available technology and future possibilities

8. Conclusions and feedback


NOVEMBER 29 - 30, 2016 / 3 - 5 pm both days (US Central)

Cost: 100 USD all included
Platform: Skype
Our username: therapion


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Read What Our Students Say

"I just completed the Training Course entitled "Methods in Online Counseling." This course was wonderful and very interactive."

"The knowledge and tools provided will be instrumental as I move further into the future of online counseling. The ethical information provided was thought provoking and realistic."

"I appreciated Timo's teaching style, his sense of humor and most importantly his amazing insight regarding online counseling."

"This training is a MUST for any and all therapists online or otherwise, as it will only prove to enhance your skills and heighten your knowledge base."

"The course was excellent, very informative and up to date with new technologies, new online programs and security information."

"I believe that any counselor or therapist who works with clients on line, would highly benefit from taking this course."

"The teacher showed a great deal of knowledge on the subject, as well as providing a dynamic and interesting interaction."

Our Teacher

Timo Kojonen, M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA.

"I'm a professional counselor and the founder of Therapion Consulting. I would like to invite you to our special training course in online counseling methods.

Our course is not like the few other courses out there. Our course is special. First of all, it summarizes pretty much everything that we've learned about online therapy since we launched our service ten years ago, and then, it looks into the future of e-therapy. Second, it is a practical workshop that teaches you how to conduct real counseling sessions over the internet. It is also a great introduction to the international best practices in this exciting field.

I recommend this course to anybody who would like to update his/her knowledge about online counseling. I also recommend this course to all counselors and therapists who would like to join Therapion.

I look forward to working with you!"

Further Information

Contact us for further information or if you would like to suggest an alternative date for the course: Customer Service