Therapy Programs

Therapion's online therapy programs consist of a 4-session package with your personal counselor, psychologist or psychotherapist. It may also include some homework, and it can be combined with a self-help program based on Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) if desired.

Our programs are active, structured therapy programs that can be applied to most psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, social fears, relationship problems, etc. These programs are not suitable for emergency situations.

There are three different programs to choose from. Each program lasts four sessions, and it is possible to combine them for a longer duration of therapy if needed.

Therapy Program Descriptions

The below listed fees are in dollars. You can pay the same amount in another currency (EUR, GBP) if you prefer to.

Therapy programs for personal freedom!

Program One

2 x e-mail + 2 x videoconference, 4 sessions
Cost: 170 USD - 10% discount, final price: 153 USD

Email is best for those who have limited time, are available at non-traditional times or for those who want time to consider their response. The live video sessions are quite similar to a face-to-face session, however you can have this session from anywhere in the world, at a time that works best in your schedule.

Program Two

2 x chat + 2 x videoconference, 4 sessions
Cost: 200 USD - 10% discount, final price: 180 USD

This program is ideal for those who value more instant feedback. Chatting enables you to process your concerns in writing without having to wait for a response as you would with email. Video sessions closely simulate the fullness of interaction provided by traditional counseling.

Program Three

4 x videoconference, 4 sessions
Cost: 240 USD - 10% discount, final price: 216 USD

This program is ideal for those who prefer to talk instead of writing. You get instant feedback and can discuss your situation either with audio only, or with a webcam and audio. This is an interactive and guided journey to a new way of understanding and living your life.


Therapy programs for happiness!

To determine if a program is suitable for you, please Contact Customer Service or Book a First Counseling Session during which your counselor can help you assess the situation.

Terms and Conditions

The general Terms and Conditions apply to our therapy programs, too. Please remember to use all booked sessions within 60 days from the payment. Therapy programs require a single upfront payment. The price of your therapy program depends on the sessions that are included in it. Best of all, you will receive a -10% discount compared to single session fees.