Read our user agreement before using the service.


This user agreement applies to all services offered by Therapion Consulting (In this agreement "The company" or "The therapy center") through the website it owns and operates,


By using our services, you confirm that you accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Payment instructions

All sessions must be prepaid. The company will never ask for your debit or credit card or PayPal account details. The company is not responsible for payments applied to a wrong account. Online Therapy Free: the only free service that we offer is a Free Preliminary Evaluation via email: please write a few words about your situation, then submit your message through the Customer Service form. One of our specialists will respond you promptly.

2. Cost and use of prepaid sessions

The client bears full responsibility for all costs that may result from the use of our service. All sessions must be held within 60 days of purchase. Fees can be changed at any time without prior notice. Phone counseling: the therapist will call you. The fee includes the cost for making the call. The client is responsible for any cost of answering the call.

3. Rescheduling a live session

If you want to reschedule your live session, you must contact our office 48 hours before the session starts. If you are unable to attend your session and give us less than 48 hours notice, the session will be cancelled, and you will not receive a refund.

4. Problem situations

All live sessions begin punctually. The client must be present at the session start. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation without a refund. We will contact you by email if there is a problem on our end or if we are unable to reach you for a live session. We reserve the right to cancel any session at any time, without prior notice. If the therapy center has to cancel a session, the session fee will be fully refunded. The following may render us unable to provide the service: internet or phone connection malfunction, a situation that is out of our scope or practice and/or competence, or if there's another type of a security risk to you or us.

5. No emergency service

This is not a substitute for an emergency service. If you suffer from severe depression, experience a sudden onset of a psychological crisis, or contemplate harming yourself or another person, please contact your local emergency center or call a suicide prevention helpline.

6. Waiver of liability

The client uses the service at own risk and bears full responsibility for all decisions and actions that he (or she) may or may not take before, during, or after using the service. For and in consideration of the company and the consultants (counselors, psychologists, therapists, psychotherapists, and career coaches) participating in its activities, the client hereby releases and discharges the company, its board of directors, the website, and the consultants working on behalf of its organization, of any form of claims, causes, actions or demands, which the client, or the client's associates or family, may have hereafter in connection with economical, physical, or emotional harm or damage, which could result from activities and behaviors inflicted by the client, or the client's associates or family, or anyone else, while attending counseling or coaching services at the website, or at the company. The client, who decides to use the service, waives the right to sue the website and the company, and its board of directors, and the consultant who gave the service, regardless of the client's nationality, residence, or the jurisdiction that the client is protected by.

7. Termination of services

a. Voluntary termination: The client voluntarily participates in these services and may decide at any point to discontinue use of services. There's no reimbursement for prepaid sessions that the client decides not to use. b. Involuntary termination: The client may be terminated from services for reasons that put the safety or economical prosperity of the client, or the company and its consultants, at risk.

8. Technology decisiones, booking system, and confidentiality agreement

a. Technology decisions: The client chooses the programs and the systems (email, chat, video conference and/or phone services, and related technologies) through which he or she desires to use our counseling service. The company is not responsable for the functionality nor data security of the technical solution(s) that the client chooses. Either does the company recommend any particular system or program but it's the client who is free to choose them according to his or hers needs and wishes. Legal statement for clients from the U.S.: In accordance with the HIPAA regulations and APA recommendations regarding Internet-based counseling services the clients need to be aware that Skype or phone sessions are not secured at times.

b. Booking system: The client can use the counseling service without using the booking system provided by the company if he or she so wishes. In that case the client needs to contact our office via email or through phone to make a booking.

c. Confidentiality agreement: The client agrees to respect and maintain the confidentiality of all information and advice given by the company and its consultants, during and after the use of our service. Any communication from the consultant may not be copied, recorded and/or released to a third party. The client records are confidential data and shall not be released to anybody during or after the use of the service.

9. Information acknowledgement

By using the service, the client acknowledges having read and accepted the list of Fees and Costs as published on the website, and that he (or she) understands the information in this User Agreement which includes the Terms and Conditions, and that any questions that the client had about the information contained on the website were answered to his (or her) satisfaction prior the use of the service. The client is aware that he (or she) can refer to the company's website should clarification be needed now, or in the future, regarding anything related to services the company offers. Additionally, the client is aware that should he (or she) need to contact the company, it can be done by email or by phone during office hours. The contact information can be found on the company's website. The client agrees to continue to maintain this agreement even after his (or her) active affiliation with the company and its services has ended. Therapion Consulting is a private company registered in Helsinki, Finland. All counseling services are provided in accordance with the Europen Union law.