Therapion is a fast growing international start-up company.
We are now looking for a Sales Manager.

If interested, please revise the below job requirements carefully, and then send us your application accompanied with your resume.

Our contact: info @ (Please remove the spaces)
Give your message the title: "Sales Manager"


You need to cover all these points in your application:

1. Sales experience

Please describe your sales record so far.

2. Products and services

Therapion provides online counseling, training/courses, and live shows/webinars. What can you sell?

3. Preferred customers

What is your target group? Options include individuals, clubs and associations, foundations and NGOs, states and governments, businesses and corporations, etc.

4. Your team and language

We provide services in 15 languages, and have a special counseling team for each.

Please tell us, which of them would you like to manage?

Note: You'll need to be fluent in English, too.

5. Salary expectation

Full-time job seekers: please indicate a desired monthly salary.
Part-time job seekers: please indicate a desired hourly salary.

6. Payment options

How do you wish to get paid? In cash, stock, or both ?

7. Desired location

Please tell us if you'd rather work from home (online), or instead, would like to join our office in Mexico City.

Sales team at work.