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Online Therapy (the term E-Therapy is also used) is the delivery of mental health services online via email, live chat, or webcam. Telephone therapy is also included in this broad definition.

E-mail therapy is provided via an exchange of detailed e-mail messages. This form of therapy functions in delayed time.

Live chat therapy functions by the therapist and client exchanging written messages in real time in a secure chat room, or some other form of instant messaging, such as Skype or VSee.

Therapy done via webcam is done by the therapist and client meeting using Skype, Zoom, or some other form of video conferencing. The session is conducted in real time. Feel free to choose the program needed for videoconferencing according to you individual needs. We do not promote use of any particular platform.

Phone therapy is conducted with both the therapist and the client on the telephone at the same time and is conducted in real time.

Other service specialties that we offer are Expat Counseling and Career Coaching

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We respect strict ethical guidelines in our work. All client information is kept confidential, and not used for marketing purposes.


This is not an emergency service.

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