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Suomen Silta

Suomen Silta, Finland

"Living abroad is not always easy. Professional counseling helps homebound grief. Therapion Consulting works with expats since 2005..."

MSN Livstil

MSN Livstil, Sweden

Psychotherapy over the Internet is a practical and efficient alternative that can help many people. One of the reliable service providers is Therapion Consulting...

Tages Anzeiger

Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland

"Latest research at Universität Zürich shows that psychotherapy conducted over the Internet can be as efficient as the traditional face-to-face methods. The future of e-therapy is promising but needs futher research... The interview includes key notes from Timo Kojonen, Therapion Consulting CEO."

El Milenio

El Milenio, Mexico

"Virtual divans - The internet brings psychotherapy services near to everybody. There is no need to leave home for therapy sessions anymore..."

Golhar Digital

Golhar Digital, Brazil

"Videoconferencing is an efficient tool to conduct psychotherapy and it may help those who are afraid to seek for help otherwise."

El Economista

El Economista, Mexico

"The Internet changes psychotherapy, too. Now it is possible to get professional therapy through e-mail or video conference..."

Radio Carol

Radio Caracol, Colombia

"Online therapy brings help to rural areas and provides confidentiality to those who live in small communities..."

Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

"Modern technologies will revolutionaze health care. We tested out a new service provider that offers counseling through e-mail. Our volunteer was pleased with the answer she received from the psychologist..."

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