Therapion is producing a series of online live events (webinars) dedicated to psychology and well-being.

The events are free to attend, and do not require any prior knowledge on the subject matter.

These are fun and interactive group meetings. A knowledgeable expert hosts the event, and the audience is invited to participate with questions, opinions and ideas.

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Upcoming Live Events

"Making new plans that work"

Starting something new is always exciting. But often even our best plans fail on long-term. During this event we'll discover methods how to make more realistic plans and how to stick to them.

Host: Timo Kojonen. M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA. CEO
Time and date: March 15, 2018. 3 pm US Central.
Duration: 45 minutes
Platform: Zoom
Cost: Free of charge


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We'll use Zoom for these events. It's an easy video-conferencing platform, and free to use. Go to and download it.

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