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Fees and Costs

E-mail counseling: 25 USD

Chat counseling (30 min): 40 USD

Phone* and videoconference counseling (45 min): 60 USD

Therapy programs: Special fees

*Note: Phone counseling: Your counselor will call you.
The fee includes the outgoing call from him/her to you.

Payment Options

The above listed fees are in dollars. However, you can pay in another currency (EUR, GBP) if you prefer.

All sessions require prepayment. The system automatically displays the payment options after you have sent your booking.

We accept debit and credit cards and payments made through PayPal. To use international bank transfers, please contact our office.

Payment Options

Using Our Service is Easy

Using our service is easy. There are three steps:

  • Book your session.

  • Get a confirmation e-mail from your counselor.

  • Have your private session.

Using Our Service is Fast

Our service is very fast. E-mail sessions will be answered within the next 24 hours after booking if not sooner. Live sessions are available 24 hours every day. Normally it takes just a few minutes, or maximum a few hours, to get the service you paid for.

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Terms and Conditions

Legal disclaimer

This is not a substitute for an emergency service. By using our services, you agree to our User Agreement:

Terms and Conditions

Customer Service

Contact us if you need any assistance or would like to use an international bank transfer to complete the payment.

Customer Service