Newsletter 11/2013

Welcome! This is Newsletter 11/2013.

1. Penguin 2.1 Update

Google changed its algorithm on October 5, 2013. The update was named Penguin 2.1. Unfortunately to us, the effect on our Google rankings was this time negative. Naturally, we are not alone. They estimate that 3% of all searches were impacted globally.

We are now working hard with the SEO team to improve our rankings again. We have now spent one month in data analysis and structural changes both on- and off-site, and look forward to future Google updates. Life is always good for surprises.

2. Excellent Sales Results in October

We broke the all-time sales record in October. This is excellent news and shows clearly that our popularity is much wider than one search engine might indicate. Our company was founded eight years ago, and it is with great pleasure to see that our customer satisfaction is as high as ever. Best thanks to all clients for your preference!

In addition, we maintain our annual growth estimate for 2013 as “very strong”. November has started splendidly and everything points out to very strong annual growth numbers.

3. Investment Proposal and Development Plan

As announced some weeks ago, the document entitled “Therapion Consulting – Investment Proposal and Development Plan” is available to all interested parties.

We have now started to distribute this document, and the reception has been very positive. First investors have already lined up, the Research and Development Center is getting lots of interest, and the company’s Board of directors has found its first members already.

We shall now widen the distribution of this document, both within and outside of the firm. We’ve never been driven by Capital, and our driving force has – and always will be – Human Capital, but I think it’s time to make some adjustments as we are now getting bigger and bigger.

4. Human Resources Dep Apologizes

There is currently a short waiting list for new counselors to join us. Luckily enough, the backlog is not that long, and we expect to get things back to normal within a few weeks. My apologies for that, and best thanks to all candidates for your patience.

Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO