Newsletter 10/2015

Hello everybody. This is our October, 2015 newsletter.

Here you’ll find a few words about our latest activities.



1. Year so far – GREAT ! This is our 10th year in business !!!

My best thanks to all of our clients for your continued preference. It is a pleasure to be your trusted therapy and services provider.

This is our 10th year in business (!)

What started small is getting bigger and bigger: today we provide counseling in 15 languages, and there are over 100 specialists working with us.

What a better way to celebrate than doing what we know the best: continue counseling and helping our wonderful clients!

A big thank you to our counselors, therapists, and psychologists worldwide ! Let’s keep up the great work !


2. What’s new? Many things ! Come and join us !

There are always new activities here at but these two projects are especially interesting right now:

a. Live Shows

We are now providing monthly online live shows, too. These are interactive group meetings that combine elements from talk shows and group therapy.

More information here:  Live Show Invitation

b. Course: “Methods in Counseling”

This is our course aimed at professional counselors and therapists who would like to provide online counseling.

We seriously recommend it to all counselors who would like to join Therapion. Here you’ll learn all the key skills needed for this work.

More information here:  Methods in Online Counseling


Come and join us !

I look forward to meeting you soon ! 


Kind regards, Timo

Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO