Newsletter 06/2017

Dear all,

Here some latest news from It’s been a great year so far.

A big thank you to all customers and counselors. It is my pleasure and honor to work with you. Together we are Therapion one of the leading online therapy centers in the world.

Here some more highlights

  1. Therapion keeps on growing quickly

Not a long ago, I went through the results from the last year. And I said to myself that I should post about them since they were record-breaking. More clients, more sales, more website traffic than ever. But I was too slow to react. We have already broken all of those old records.

Some people in online counseling business hype their results up. Others make fantastic statements about the future. Here at Therapion it’s more down to earth.

We do things a bit more seriously here. We  concentrate on the essential, and that is our customers. How should I put it? What about this:

Therapion is Online Therapy with a Big Heart.



2. Management expansion

Another thing I wanted to say today is that our business has grown quite a bit. Did I say that already? Well, I’ve said that before, too.

Now it’s getting kind of too busy here since we provide online counseling services worldwide. I could use some help in managing this operation. Frankly, it’s time to expand our management.

We’d like to hear from business persons who have experience in e-commerce and who are passionate about mental health care. We are open to all sorts of applications but if there is anybody who has ambition to grow, that is our man / woman.


3. Videos and reviews

To close this short note, a quick word about videos and reviews.

We have new videos online on YouTube. These videos cover all aspects of what we do. There are videos about our services, online therapy in general, and feedback from counselors who have taken our special training seminar. Please enjoy.

Watch Therapion videos on YouTube

Another new thing is that we have started to collect reviews from our customers, counselors, and seminar students as well. This we do since this kind of direct feedback is very useful for anyone who is new to Therapion and would like to hear a little bit more about us.

We are thankful to all who have submitted a review so far. You’ve been very kind with us, thank you. Please remember, word is free here. If you are interested in posting your personal opinion, you can do it today.

Read Therapion Reviews on GoogleMaps



Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen. M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA CEO