Newsletter 04/2014

Welcome! This is newsletter 04/2014. Here some latest news regarding our recent activities and future plans, too.

The year has started very well. We’ve spent the first three months of it in forming a fresh company board, in creating a new training course for counseling professionals, and in website development. Let’s take a look at these three points in detail:

1. Company board

Our company board for 2014 is this:

Timo Kojonen. CEO

Griselda Rosas Pineda, Vice-CEO

Izaura Vale, Development Manager PT/BR

Clara María Pavón, Development Manager ES/Mundo Hispano

I would like to thank all board members for joining me in managing the company. You are a living example of the business wisdom that It’s the human capital that counts.

2. Special training course for counseling professionals

There are few courses available for counselors and psychologists who would like to start working online. However, most of these courses are surprisingly outdated, and in most languages, very hard to find.

We’ve now in the closing states of creating a completely new training course dedicated to psychological work online.

This course gives the participant the essential background knowledge needed to understand where online counseling is coming from. It teaches the most relevant actual techniques that are available to psychology professionals nowadays, and outlines future perspectives in this sector, too.

The course can be taken completely online, completely in classroom, or you can take the four interactive online training sessions only, if you so wish.

The course will be available in four languages starting this spring: Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Note: The first classroom version of the course will be held in the city of Vaasa (west coast of Finland) during October 14-15, 2014. This event will be hosted by Vaasan kesäyliopisto, a university level private institution.

3. Website development

We’ve been reprogramming the old website during the beginning of this year. It’s now faster and more Google friendly than ever.

The challenge in this kind of work is the fact that our website is multilingual. There are 15 different language departments included at

Making even small adjustments must be done taking the other departments into account which is not always easy. (This remains me of Aristotele:  The whole is more than the sum of its parts – a quote which remains me of Gestalt psychology, too.)

It’s been surprisingly difficult to locate an expert web developer who would an expert in multilingual matters as well. We’ve talked to a few candidates, seen their proposals for a brand new website, and then returned to the current website. 

That said, we shall keep on developing the old website, AND keep on looking for a smart and efficient developer who could create us a modern and completely new website.

To close this newsletter:

We have now as well concluded an internal investment round which was very successful and satisfactory on personal level. Part of our counselors are now co-owners of the firm as well.

For those of us who made their investment (complete or partial payment) before March 31, 2014 there is a bonus: you are entitled to special stock options would you like to increase your share in the firm before the end of this year.

For those of us who have requested more time to make your payment (complete or partial ), please remember that the original offering price is valid until June 30, 2014.

And for those of us who were interested but who decided to not to invest anything after all, do not worry. I would like to quote a few lines that Bertol Brecht wrote on human life and risk taking, but consider it not necessary. You helped me see things even more clearly than before, and for that, a big thank-you.

That said, best thanks to all of our counselors for being with us, and great many thanks to all of our customers worldwide for your continued trust and support.

Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO