Newsletter 02/2015

Hello everybody.

This is our first newsletter in 2015. The year has started really well and I’d like to thank our customers for your continued support and preference.

Here at Therapion Consulting we always aim at providing the best possible psychological care over the Internet. And it’s been the same way ever since we started business almost 10 years ago.

Ten years of counseling work, it is quite a long time, and more so, when the service is provided online. When I studied business, they taught us students that one year online equals ten years of real world time.

If I think it that way, it makes me a bit nostalgic. I remember the early days when we had only two counselors, me and my old band-mate, another Finnish guy called Timo, a professional psychologist just like myself, and all services were provided in one language only.

Today Therapion provides services in 15 languages, and there are over 100+ counselors, psychologists, and therapists with us – from all over the world.

Seen from the number perspective, talking mathematics, it is clear that we today live in another world here, and yes, the growth has been such that in the old days they needed a few decades to achieve our numbers.

On the other hand, what has not changed, and will not change, is the mentality. Our aim. Our beliefs.

I always think that every counseling session, and every client, is unique. And I always think that each and every person deserves my best effort. And I know that all of counselors, psychologists, and therapists think it the same way. We only live once, and we therefore want to make the best of it. What better way to live than work hard, help other people, and grow.

That said, I would like to thank all our customers. We have broken old sales records three months in a row, and this month that just started, it looks just like the fourth.

Here at office it is alway busy, so I better stop now. You can always find more recent updates from us at Facebook. And when you need a moment of rest, somebody who has time to listen, and discuss life and life matters with you, remember any of our 15 teams of fully qualified and registered professionals.  Help is just one click away.


Kind regards, Timo


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO