Newsletter 06/2017

Dear all, Here some latest news from It’s been a great year so far. A big thank you to all customers and counselors. It is my pleasure and honor to work with you. Together we are Therapion one of the leading online therapy centers in the world. Here some more highlights Therapion keeps on growing quickly Not a long ago, I went through the results from the last year. And I said to myself that I should post about them since they were record-breaking. More clients, more sales, more website traffic than ever. But I was too slow to react. … Continue reading Newsletter 06/2017

Newsletter 06/2016

Dear all, The year has been great so far and really busy, so please forgive me for not posting more updates lately. As always, my best thanks go to our faithful clients and to our hardworking counselors. Thank you for making my life so busy Anyway, here some quick notes on what’s going on right now and what to expect in the near future.   1. Booking system remake We are currently reprogramming the booking system. This summer update will make booking easier and improve the overall user experience. It also blogs out unpaid bookings and helps our customer service … Continue reading Newsletter 06/2016

Newsletter 10/2015

Hello everybody. This is our October, 2015 newsletter. Here you’ll find a few words about our latest activities.   1. Year so far – GREAT ! This is our 10th year in business !!! My best thanks to all of our clients for your continued preference. It is a pleasure to be your trusted therapy and services provider. This is our 10th year in business (!) What started small is getting bigger and bigger: today we provide counseling in 15 languages, and there are over 100 specialists working with us. What a better way to celebrate than doing what we … Continue reading Newsletter 10/2015

Newsletter 02/2015

Hello everybody. This is our first newsletter in 2015. The year has started really well and I’d like to thank our customers for your continued support and preference. Here at Therapion Consulting we always aim at providing the best possible psychological care over the Internet. And it’s been the same way ever since we started business almost 10 years ago. Ten years of counseling work, it is quite a long time, and more so, when the service is provided online. When I studied business, they taught us students that one year online equals ten years of real world time. If … Continue reading Newsletter 02/2015

Newsletter 04/2014

Welcome! This is newsletter 04/2014. Here some latest news regarding our recent activities and future plans, too. The year has started very well. We’ve spent the first three months of it in forming a fresh company board, in creating a new training course for counseling professionals, and in website development. Let’s take a look at these three points in detail: 1. Company board Our company board for 2014 is this: Timo Kojonen. CEO Griselda Rosas Pineda, Vice-CEO Izaura Vale, Development Manager PT/BR Clara María Pavón, Development Manager ES/Mundo Hispano I would like to thank all board members for joining me in … Continue reading Newsletter 04/2014

Newsletter 11/2013

Welcome! This is Newsletter 11/2013. 1. Penguin 2.1 Update Google changed its algorithm on October 5, 2013. The update was named Penguin 2.1. Unfortunately to us, the effect on our Google rankings was this time negative. Naturally, we are not alone. They estimate that 3% of all searches were impacted globally. We are now working hard with the SEO team to improve our rankings again. We have now spent one month in data analysis and structural changes both on- and off-site, and look forward to future Google updates. Life is always good for surprises. 2. Excellent Sales Results in October We broke … Continue reading Newsletter 11/2013