Newsletter 06/2017

Dear all,

Here some latest news from It’s been a great year so far.

A big thank you to all customers and counselors. It is my pleasure and honor to work with you. Together we are Therapion one of the leading online therapy centers in the world.

Here some more highlights

  1. Therapion keeps on growing quickly

Not a long ago, I went through the results from the last year. And I said to myself that I should post about them since they were record-breaking. More clients, more sales, more website traffic than ever. But I was too slow to react. We have already broken all of those old records.

Some people in online counseling business hype their results up. Others make fantastic statements about the future. Here at Therapion it’s more down to earth.

We do things a bit more seriously here. We  concentrate on the essential, and that is our customers. How should I put it? What about this:

Therapion is Online Therapy with a Big Heart.



2. Management expansion

Another thing I wanted to say today is that our business has grown quite a bit. Did I say that already? Well, I’ve said that before, too.

Now it’s getting kind of too busy here since we provide online counseling services worldwide. I could use some help in managing this operation. Frankly, it’s time to expand our management.

We’d like to hear from business persons who have experience in e-commerce and who are passionate about mental health care. We are open to all sorts of applications but if there is anybody who has ambition to grow, that is our man / woman.


3. Videos and reviews

To close this short note, a quick word about videos and reviews.

We have new videos online on YouTube. These videos cover all aspects of what we do. There are videos about our services, online therapy in general, and feedback from counselors who have taken our special training seminar. Please enjoy.

Watch Therapion videos on YouTube

Another new thing is that we have started to collect reviews from our customers, counselors, and seminar students as well. This we do since this kind of direct feedback is very useful for anyone who is new to Therapion and would like to hear a little bit more about us.

We are thankful to all who have submitted a review so far. You’ve been very kind with us, thank you. Please remember, word is free here. If you are interested in posting your personal opinion, you can do it today.

Read Therapion Reviews on GoogleMaps



Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen. M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA CEO


Newsletter 06/2016

Dear all,

The year has been great so far and really busy, so please forgive me for not posting more updates lately. As always, my best thanks go to our faithful clients and to our hardworking counselors.

Thank you for making my life so busy Anyway, here some quick notes on what’s going on right now and what to expect in the near future.


1. Booking system remake

We are currently reprogramming the booking system. This summer update will make booking easier and improve the overall user experience. It also blogs out unpaid bookings and helps our customer service department focus on most important emails first.

2. Live shows

We will producing a series of summer live shows together with

The idea is to bring counseling to masses through online group meetings. Currently, there are events available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Come and see what the shows are about! They are interactive, smart fun!


3. Summer seminars and courses

We’ll be producing special online counseling seminars and online courses during this summer.

Our popular training course for counselors, Methods in Online Counseling, will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish throughout the summer.

There are interesting courses for general public as well, seminars that cover all aspects of everyday life and relationship matters. Please visit our website for more details.

4. Plans for the future

There are many candidates waiting to join our website and we are thankful to all of them. It is great to hear from you guys, and we look forward to working with you.  This will be soon be possible, just be patient. There will be another booking system remake later this summer, and after that, we’ll make our teams significantly bigger.


Kind regards,




Timo Kojonen. M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

CEO of 





Newsletter 10/2015

Hello everybody. This is our October, 2015 newsletter.

Here you’ll find a few words about our latest activities.



1. Year so far – GREAT ! This is our 10th year in business !!!

My best thanks to all of our clients for your continued preference. It is a pleasure to be your trusted therapy and services provider.

This is our 10th year in business (!)

What started small is getting bigger and bigger: today we provide counseling in 15 languages, and there are over 100 specialists working with us.

What a better way to celebrate than doing what we know the best: continue counseling and helping our wonderful clients!

A big thank you to our counselors, therapists, and psychologists worldwide ! Let’s keep up the great work !


2. What’s new? Many things ! Come and join us !

There are always new activities here at but these two projects are especially interesting right now:

a. Live Shows

We are now providing monthly online live shows, too. These are interactive group meetings that combine elements from talk shows and group therapy.

More information here:  Live Show Invitation

b. Course: “Methods in Counseling”

This is our course aimed at professional counselors and therapists who would like to provide online counseling.

We seriously recommend it to all counselors who would like to join Therapion. Here you’ll learn all the key skills needed for this work.

More information here:  Methods in Online Counseling


Come and join us !

I look forward to meeting you soon ! 


Kind regards, Timo

Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO

Newsletter 02/2015

Hello everybody.

This is our first newsletter in 2015. The year has started really well and I’d like to thank our customers for your continued support and preference.

Here at Therapion Consulting we always aim at providing the best possible psychological care over the Internet. And it’s been the same way ever since we started business almost 10 years ago.

Ten years of counseling work, it is quite a long time, and more so, when the service is provided online. When I studied business, they taught us students that one year online equals ten years of real world time.

If I think it that way, it makes me a bit nostalgic. I remember the early days when we had only two counselors, me and my old band-mate, another Finnish guy called Timo, a professional psychologist just like myself, and all services were provided in one language only.

Today Therapion provides services in 15 languages, and there are over 100+ counselors, psychologists, and therapists with us – from all over the world.

Seen from the number perspective, talking mathematics, it is clear that we today live in another world here, and yes, the growth has been such that in the old days they needed a few decades to achieve our numbers.

On the other hand, what has not changed, and will not change, is the mentality. Our aim. Our beliefs.

I always think that every counseling session, and every client, is unique. And I always think that each and every person deserves my best effort. And I know that all of counselors, psychologists, and therapists think it the same way. We only live once, and we therefore want to make the best of it. What better way to live than work hard, help other people, and grow.

That said, I would like to thank all our customers. We have broken old sales records three months in a row, and this month that just started, it looks just like the fourth.

Here at office it is alway busy, so I better stop now. You can always find more recent updates from us at Facebook. And when you need a moment of rest, somebody who has time to listen, and discuss life and life matters with you, remember any of our 15 teams of fully qualified and registered professionals.  Help is just one click away.


Kind regards, Timo


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO



Newsletter 04/2014

Welcome! This is newsletter 04/2014. Here some latest news regarding our recent activities and future plans, too.

The year has started very well. We’ve spent the first three months of it in forming a fresh company board, in creating a new training course for counseling professionals, and in website development. Let’s take a look at these three points in detail:

1. Company board

Our company board for 2014 is this:

Timo Kojonen. CEO

Griselda Rosas Pineda, Vice-CEO

Izaura Vale, Development Manager PT/BR

Clara María Pavón, Development Manager ES/Mundo Hispano

I would like to thank all board members for joining me in managing the company. You are a living example of the business wisdom that It’s the human capital that counts.

2. Special training course for counseling professionals

There are few courses available for counselors and psychologists who would like to start working online. However, most of these courses are surprisingly outdated, and in most languages, very hard to find.

We’ve now in the closing states of creating a completely new training course dedicated to psychological work online.

This course gives the participant the essential background knowledge needed to understand where online counseling is coming from. It teaches the most relevant actual techniques that are available to psychology professionals nowadays, and outlines future perspectives in this sector, too.

The course can be taken completely online, completely in classroom, or you can take the four interactive online training sessions only, if you so wish.

The course will be available in four languages starting this spring: Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Note: The first classroom version of the course will be held in the city of Vaasa (west coast of Finland) during October 14-15, 2014. This event will be hosted by Vaasan kesäyliopisto, a university level private institution.

3. Website development

We’ve been reprogramming the old website during the beginning of this year. It’s now faster and more Google friendly than ever.

The challenge in this kind of work is the fact that our website is multilingual. There are 15 different language departments included at

Making even small adjustments must be done taking the other departments into account which is not always easy. (This remains me of Aristotele:  The whole is more than the sum of its parts – a quote which remains me of Gestalt psychology, too.)

It’s been surprisingly difficult to locate an expert web developer who would an expert in multilingual matters as well. We’ve talked to a few candidates, seen their proposals for a brand new website, and then returned to the current website. 

That said, we shall keep on developing the old website, AND keep on looking for a smart and efficient developer who could create us a modern and completely new website.

To close this newsletter:

We have now as well concluded an internal investment round which was very successful and satisfactory on personal level. Part of our counselors are now co-owners of the firm as well.

For those of us who made their investment (complete or partial payment) before March 31, 2014 there is a bonus: you are entitled to special stock options would you like to increase your share in the firm before the end of this year.

For those of us who have requested more time to make your payment (complete or partial ), please remember that the original offering price is valid until June 30, 2014.

And for those of us who were interested but who decided to not to invest anything after all, do not worry. I would like to quote a few lines that Bertol Brecht wrote on human life and risk taking, but consider it not necessary. You helped me see things even more clearly than before, and for that, a big thank-you.

That said, best thanks to all of our counselors for being with us, and great many thanks to all of our customers worldwide for your continued trust and support.

Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO






Newsletter 11/2013

Welcome! This is Newsletter 11/2013.

1. Penguin 2.1 Update

Google changed its algorithm on October 5, 2013. The update was named Penguin 2.1. Unfortunately to us, the effect on our Google rankings was this time negative. Naturally, we are not alone. They estimate that 3% of all searches were impacted globally.

We are now working hard with the SEO team to improve our rankings again. We have now spent one month in data analysis and structural changes both on- and off-site, and look forward to future Google updates. Life is always good for surprises.

2. Excellent Sales Results in October

We broke the all-time sales record in October. This is excellent news and shows clearly that our popularity is much wider than one search engine might indicate. Our company was founded eight years ago, and it is with great pleasure to see that our customer satisfaction is as high as ever. Best thanks to all clients for your preference!

In addition, we maintain our annual growth estimate for 2013 as “very strong”. November has started splendidly and everything points out to very strong annual growth numbers.

3. Investment Proposal and Development Plan

As announced some weeks ago, the document entitled “Therapion Consulting – Investment Proposal and Development Plan” is available to all interested parties.

We have now started to distribute this document, and the reception has been very positive. First investors have already lined up, the Research and Development Center is getting lots of interest, and the company’s Board of directors has found its first members already.

We shall now widen the distribution of this document, both within and outside of the firm. We’ve never been driven by Capital, and our driving force has – and always will be – Human Capital, but I think it’s time to make some adjustments as we are now getting bigger and bigger.

4. Human Resources Dep Apologizes

There is currently a short waiting list for new counselors to join us. Luckily enough, the backlog is not that long, and we expect to get things back to normal within a few weeks. My apologies for that, and best thanks to all candidates for your patience.

Kind regards,


Timo Kojonen

M.Sc., M.Psych., MBA

Therapion Consulting, CEO